Calerin Forge Videos

David Burress is passionate about teaching the Art of Blacksmithing, and true to that passion has done a few Calerin Forge videos to familiarize you with both Calerin Forge and the Art of Blacksmithing.   We will add videos as they become available. 

Music in the most recent videos is by Soldier's Heart and you can hear more at their website.

Welcome to
Calerin Forge Custom Iron
& School of Ancient Craft

Basic Blacksmith Shop Tools

How to Build a Fire in the Forge

Forging a Drive Hook

Forging a Leaf Hook

Forging a Thumbnail Hook

Forging a Bottle Opener

Forging a Letter Opener

Forging a Fireplace Set

Building A Portable Brake Drum Forge, Part 1

Building A Portable Brake Drum Forge, Part 2


Tomahawk - Forging the Blade, Part 1

Tomahawk:  Forging The Blade, Part 2